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LifeWorks Unlimited

Our Clients

Coaching clients include managers and executives from organizations around the world, as well as individuals who come on a private basis including people returning to work after a career break, entrepreneurs and founders of new business start-ups.

Examples of clients' organizations include:
Deutsche Bank
European Bank for Reconstruction and Developments
HM Treasury
Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Institute of Financial Studies
The Carphone Warehouse
WHO - World Health Organization

LifeWorks Unlimited - Our Clients
LifeWorks Unlimited - What Clients Say:
  LifeWorks Unlimited - What Clients Say:

“ ... I’ve found our coaching sessions most useful. They’ve become a 'forced' discipline of reflecting and setting out action steps, to be able to think and talk without being interrupted and not being judged or be given advice. Thank you.”  Mary, HR Consultant and trainer.

“…the coaching has helped to 'clear the mist'. I can now see things more clearly. I understand where I am and alternative ways of doing things. It’s really helped me to move further on.”  Natasha, financial controller.

“…Doris’ coaching helped me to raise my profile at work. I now see many more opportunities and can react to them.”   Stephen, investment banker.

Contact if you would like further testimonials and references.

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