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LifeWorks Unlimited

What We Offer

Effective coaching is a working partnership between coach and client.

The right relationship: As with many good, productive partnerships, the compatibility of the people involved in the partnership is all important for success. That’s why we offer a free, complimentary, no obligation, initial session so that we can see if we have a good fit to work together.

The coaching contract: If we both agree we want to continue to work as coach and client, then we will agree the coaching contract which sets out your objectives for the coaching, how often we meet, where and for how long, and how we review progress.

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LifeWorks Unlimited - What We Offer

Confidential and safe: All sessions are conducted on a strictly confidential basis between coach and client. Your coaching session will become a safe and sacred place for you to explore options and discover more about yourself and how you can achieve what you want. You can also expect to feel uncomfortable at times, as we begin to push out the limits of your comfort zone, and you begin to really learn.

Where: Sessions are conducted at locations which are convenient to you, or by telephone if you prefer.

A “typical” coaching programme might consist of 4 to 6 sessions of between one and a half to two hours each, spread over four to six months. In between coaching sessions, you practice what you have been learning in the sessions and you begin to take actions identified to help you move towards your goals.

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